A new pet brings a lot of changes to a home, whether a dog or cat is a well-researched family addition or a loving impulse at an adoption event. Here are a few tips and a new pet checklist that can help ease the transition of bringing a new pet safely and lovingly into a home.

Tips for All Pets

Pet proof your home.

* Remove food from counters and open shelves within the pet’s reach.
* Remove or secure items that could be chewed like electrical cords, shoes, plants and papers.
* Place household chemicals and personal hygiene items behind a closed door or on high shelves.
* Pick up small swallowing hazards like paper clips and loose change.

Be ready with food.

* Buy a bag or cans of the food your pet ate the shelter (or previous home or breeder) plus bags/cans of what you eventually want to feed your cat or dog. Slowly make the transition with the food.
* Some cats will not drink water if it’s next to its food, so have separate bowls that can be spaced apart.

Create a calm, welcoming environment.

* Avoid introducing a new pet to too many people – or other pets – at one time.
* Determine where a new dog will spend most of its time and set up food and water bowls, bedding (and/or a crate). Be ready for accidents with pee pads.
* To socialize a new cat, organize one room for the first several days or weeks and include food, water, litter box and bedding.

Be prepared.

* Have odor and stain remover available for the inevitable accidents.
* Have a veterinarian selected and appointment set up within a week of bringing home a new pet. Bring along all medical paperwork you received at the adoption.
* Add the new pet to the family emergency plan.

Pet Supply Checklist

For pet parents, a checklist of necessary supplies may help with the adjustment to living with and caring for a new furry friend. Check out the New Pet Checklist.

Retailers can download the checklists and place them on their website. For an in-store flyer, add a logo on the checklists along with a “new parent discount” offer. Hand out the flyers during in-store adoption events and to new pet parents who shop your store. Include a name, phone number and email address on the flyer so customers can use you as a trusted resource for food and supply questions.

Your customers will appreciate the checklist and your revenue may grow. It’s a win-win-win situation for you, your customers and their new furry friends.

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